Saturday, July 24, 2010

hidup aq!

24 july 2010 / sabtu

aq tido lambat last nite..
tak tau y?
emm...someone have call me
dia said aq salah anta
amazing..yang gilernyer cam recognized gle sore dyer..
sound familiar through ma ears.
farah i attacked with pangilan hangit?
suppose to be i dream last wonder la..i always sleep taker person..
don't know who's that women..
..let bygone be bygone..
today aq ader replacement for the deepavali..
goodness we dismissed at 12.30..
on the ldv class i almost knocked down on the table.
so sleepy today..abby staring what happened with ma eyes.?
i also dun knoe lae sayang..
my black part within ma eyes..depict me as a sorrow,
we went to 'mak cik sebelah' son's weeding at complex sukan cheras.
we with slumber rock go then eat..
kesian aunt tu..sebab we all tak bagi dy duit salam keruk..hik2..
then balik2 rumah je..i continue reading ma novel.
then slept until around 8 pm.
then performed solat for 4 rakaat..
bad for me..
having the scrumptious char kue tiaw at 'nasi lemak meriah' stall..
lastly, online till tired...

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